Origin:  Tiffin, Ohio


Genres:  Rock


Years Active:  1991- Present


Label:  Tinfoil's Junk Records


Website: tinfoilmusic.com

Short Bio

Tinfoil was founded by Cher Bibler, Dave Harms, and Dave Smith. The band was named after the medium Thomas Edison recorded the first recording, "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on. Tinfoil is latest release is called “Gas Station Champagne”. “This album redefines the Tinfoil sound by blending their sound from the past with a fresh set of tunes and members”, says guitarist/ vocalist/ songwriter Bibler.

Tinfoil is one of Northwest Ohio's most prolific bands who have had multiple songs chart on CMJ. Their songs have been featured in movies, podcasts, and television shows. Tinfoil continues to tour opening for Select Records recording artist Damien and playing the same venues as Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, and Kid Rock. The band has released 20 full-length albums and an assortment of Eps and singles. 



Set List

Tech Rider

Label: Tinfoil's Junk Records, 


Publisher: Saran Wrap Publishing



Hospitality Rider