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New album, “Gas Station Champagne”

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

14 New Tracks From Tinfoil

Tinfoil is back with original members Cher Bibler and Dave Harms, joined by Krystal Harms.

“This album redefines the Tinfoil sound by blending their sound from the past with a fresh set of tunes and members,” Cher Bibler

Tinfoil has been hard at work constructing a new release of 14 songs, “Gas Station Champagne”. Tinfoil formed in Tiffin, Ohio in 1991 and have remained active Northwest Ohio music scene ever since. Last year, Tinfoil came in as a finalist in the Hollywood Casino Battle of the Bands in Rossford and Won the Fostoria Bluesfest Battle of the Bands. They have also played multiple years at project IAm’s Acoustics for Autism event held annually in Maumee and donated a song to the event’s second compilation release.

The songs on the new album, “Gas Station Champagne”, explore many different themes which are included below:

"Gas Station Champagne"

This song was written about a date that went wrong. As soon as someone shows up with such an obviously cheap bottle, you know it isn't going anywhere. We finally drank it as a band when the recording was finished.

"You Lied To Me"

Nigel Benjamin, the lead singer of Mott and London, really liked this song and was planning on recording it. He asked Dave to play slide guitar on some of his recordings based on this track. Unfortunately, Nigel passed before the recordings were complete. RIP Nigel. This song features Bill Nicolls on drums.

"Still Can't Believe"

After sitting in with a friend’s band on Kelly’s Island and playing a set of Tom Petty songs, Dave wanted to write something simple and catchy in that style. This song features the electric 12-string guitar I purchased from Mott singer Nigel Benjamin. Written during a stay at my Uncle’s house in New Jersey.

"Fade Away"

This song was originally released in an electric version in 1995 on the "Third Degree Burn" album electric. It has always been in Tinfoil's set, and this new version explores the acoustic side of the song.

"Hold On"

Another acoustic version of an old Tinfoil favorite. This song was originally released in 1994 on the "South Central Tinfoil". We recorded the original at Strawberry Fields Recording Studio in Swanton, Ohio. The sessions were difficult because there was no restroom and Cher had to drive 15 minutes each way to use the restroom. The engineer had a two-take rule, including vocals. Bill, the engineer, would always say, "I'll fix it in the mix"...he never did. This acoustic version allows the emotion of the song to shine, dealing with the inability to give up, to keep holding on…

“Only Young Once”

Cher and Dave were going to a concert at Kent State. After parking in the parking garage, they started walking to the venue and we shared the sidewalk with this small group of friends who were going home from a College party. Cher struck up a conversation with them and wrote the lyrics the next day. Dave put the lyrics to music and the song was created.

“Descending From Grace”

A song written about dementia from the point of view of the person with the disease. This song features Todd Smith on drums.

“Smooth Talking Liar”

Sometimes, the only course of action is to move on and stop all contact with toxic people. We recorded this song live and left it because the live sound was very powerful. All the “studio” takes we attempted paled in comparison. This track features Eddie Gow on drums and Rick Waggoner on guitar.

“Usual Wonderland”

A new exciting live version of a song we’d already released. Too good not to share. This song features Brad Simpkins on bass.

“Merry Christmas (For All The Girls And Boys)”

Dave had just bought a new 12-string in the fall and was testing it out when it arrived. Tinfoil has always enjoyed the Kinks and John Lennon’s Christmas songs so when Dave came up with the music it seemed the perfect time to write a Christmas song of our own. We wanted the song to try and capture multiple emotions. For example, Lennon said “and so this is Christmas and what have you done?”, so we added the “But another year is gone, time keeps moving on”. The song has generated some interest from music publishers, but all of them so far have wanted the minor to be eliminated so that it would be a traditional happy Christmas song. We left it as it is and are very happy with how this turned out. The song features Tinfoil bassist Krystal on trumpet.

“Down On You”

This song features the vibraphone, which was added after watching 70’s punk band X live, where drummer DJ Bonebreak played it during their set.

“X On My Door”

Just as Bilbo Baggins' door was marked so the dwarves could find him and just as old time drifters made identifying marks on gates so others would know which houses were good for a free meal, our protagonists' door is marked proclaiming she is a target for bad love.

“Will You Remember”

Promises are easy to make, harder to follow through on. Be careful what you say and who you say it to!

“Geek Boy”

In high school, we called this person a “Sunshine friend”, someone who only is around when things were fun or times were good. They always seem to disappear when things go wrong.

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